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envie de magasiner par odeur?

Does he still need an introduction? The Handyman's balm is the "masculine" counterpart of theKnitter's Balm. In fact, it's a solid moisturizing balm with a dry finish that allows you to work with tools or handle paper right after applying it. We have saved many couples with this balm! Haha!


A bit of technical information…

Raw beeswax, a renowned natural emollient, protects the skin like a barrier against external aggressions and prevents dryness and flaking. It is also known for its healing properties, as it helps stimulate collagen production. Its soft and creamy texture will overcome rough or calloused skin. It is a body care ingredient used for hundreds of years.


Cocoa butter rich in vitamins and minerals important for skin health, vitamin E, iron and magnesium contribute to cell regeneration to maintain healthy skin. In addition to leaving a sweet gourmet smell.


Coconut oil easily penetrates the skin to hydrate it almost instantly. Its natural antimicrobial properties help maintain healthy, clean skin. It helps to soothe irritate