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envie de magasiner par odeur?

A fragrance of fruit gummies and contains a spaceship in 3 different random designs... A fun and playful bath for every child's heart.


Note that the plastic wraps covering the bath bombs are made of 18-month biodegradable plastic.


Why buy a bath bomb, you ask?

Well, it's simple: it's like buying a ticket for a trip to Hawaii, but without leaving your bathtub! You can treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience without having to empty your bank account or endure the longest plane ride of your life. Plus, bath bombs are way better than a flat bath with nothing - why settle for something basic when you can have an explosion of colors, scents and bubbles?

Finally, if you want to give an original and fun gift to your friends or family, a bath bomb is a perfect choice - they will be so impressed that they will forget that you forgot their birthday last year!


  • Put the bomb in your bath water and enjoy a sparkling experience of color and fragrance.

    Storage: Keep the bath bomb cool and dry in glass jars or any other container to keep it away from water. The bath bomb can be divided into several baths. Simply take it out of the water when desired and store in a dry bowl.

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