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This cute fish is the pet fish of a Caribbean mermaid. Now transformed into a bath bomb, it contains a ring adorned with a little mermaid. It will transform your bath water into a stunning mauve.


Note that the plastic wrap covering the bath bombs is made of 18-month biodegradable plastic. Ideally because of the presence of the toy, use it under parental supervision.



Why buy a bath bomb, you ask?

Well, it's simple: it's like buying a ticket to a trip to Hawaii, but without leaving your bathtub! You can treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience without having to empty your bank account or endure the longest plane flight of your life. Plus, bath bombs are much more interesting than a plain bath with nothing - why settle for something basic when you can have an explosion of color, scent and bubbles?

Finally, if you want to give an original and fun gift to your friends or family, a bath bomb is a perfect choice - they will be so impressed that they will forget that you forgot their birthday last year!


  • Mettez la bombe dans l'eau de votre bain et vivez une expérience pétillante de couleur et de parfum.

    Stockage : Gardez la bombe de bain au frais et au sec bocaux en verre ou tout autre récipient pour la garder à l'abri de l'eau. La bombe de bain peut être divisée en plusieurs bains. Simplement la sortir de l'eau lorsque désiré et ranger dans un bol sec.