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envie de magasiner par odeur?

The Beard shaving soap contains white clay and raw beeswax from Témiscamingue. These 2 ingredients allow a close shave and help to avoid ingrown hairs. Glycerin and shea butter hydrate the skin while keeping it supple. Shea butter is not comedogenic. The essential oil of "Tea Tree" it contains acts as a natural antiseptic. A lozenge lasts on average 5 to 8 months of daily use. It's ecological and it's economical!




Adonis / Racy and Sexy, in a subtle note for the current man who wants to please his better half.


Urban / masculine at will with woody and citrus notes such as lime and orange accompanied by a hint of cardamom and rosemary. Sleek, energetic and current.


Barber Retro / This fragrance revives a childhood memory when my father went to his