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envie de magasiner par odeur?

Handmade by a craftswoman passionate about weaving. She has been weaving for over 35 years. She bought her first loom in 1984 (that's the year I started kindergarten ...) The quality of her 100% cotton dish towels is incredible! They are absorbent and resistant to daily use. I met this talented craftswoman when I started out in the craftsmen's markets. I bought a piece of linen 10 years ago ... we couldn't say that! Easy to maintain, durable and eco-responsible, they are essential in the kitchen.

Hotel Girl Tip: Wipe your glasses counterclockwise with these cloths and they will be spotless!

Size 22 inch x 38 inch

100% cotton

Premium fiber

Handmade in Quebec

Technical detail, they lose 10% in size in the first wash, because the fiber tightens to create their perfect texture.

*** The current price is an introductory offer for our collaboration.

** Photo includes 2 folded linen for aesthetic reasons, only one linen is sold at the indicated price.