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Blackcurrant Rose Vanilla

An elegant and feminine synergy that awakens the goddess in you. On the aromatherapy side, blackcurrant brings an energy of positive thinking and confidence in one's inner being. Associated with the romantic and feminine rose, then completed with the aphrodisiac vanilla it is a cocktail of sexy and confident woman.

Jasmine & Cedar

This synergy is intended to be relaxing, calming and soothing to promote the onset of sleep. In aromatherapy Jasmine brings feelings of confidence, optimism and calm. Cedar, for its part, with its purifying and tonic properties, also has a bewitching scent that calls for calm and helps to rejuvenate spiritually. This synergy can help you center yourself and stay zen.

Ho Wood & Incense

This synergy will make you visualize Yoga and meditation for sure! Positive and relaxing, it helps keep your spirits up and your positivity aligned. Ho wood is a recognized oil for meditation and in the approach to the "healing" of the soul. Indeed, it is closely linked to the crown chakra. It soothes feelings of loneliness, while opening your inner ear to creativity, compassion and social intimacy. For its part, frankincense or olibanum contributes to countering low morale through a comforting action. It also helps to calm anxious minds. It is very popular for meditation as well.


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