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envie de magasiner par odeur?

Bath salt made with Epsom salt crystals combined with essential oils known for their properties.

COZY / If winter cocooning had a fragrance, it would be this one. Tangy citrus accompanied by cream and a delicate presence of winter spices. Embellished with calendula petals and oatmeal.

COMFORT / Embellished with rose petals and blue flower. A comforting, inviting and warm synergy made of aromas of blackcurrant, cedar, bergamot, lavender & a delicate touch of star anise.

ATCHOUM / A synergy of essential oils such as camphor and eucalyptus which help fight cold symptoms and open the respiratory tract. (3 years +)

OUTCH / Contributes to muscle relaxation and to fight muscle stiffness after a day of shoveling or winter sports, among other things thanks to the essential oil of rosemary it contains. (3 years +)