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Introducing "Slow Down (Take a breather)" fragrance, a captivating blend of neroli, sandalwood, Virginia cedar, incense, and Amalfi lemon, accented with the delicate touch of ylang-ylang. This intricately crafted scent transports you to the serene tranquility of a Nepalese temple, where the air is infused with the essence of ancient rituals and spiritual serenity. As you inhale its rich bouquet, feel tensions melt away, replaced by a sense of profound calm and inner peace. Let the woody notes of sandalwood and cedar envelop you like a comforting embrace, while the uplifting citrus of Amalfi lemon revitalizes your spirit. With each breath, immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere of "Slow Down (Take a Breather)" and rediscover the beauty of stillness and mindfulness.​​

Take a breather Fragrance • Bon Bain Factory

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